Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier
Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier
Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier
Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier
Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier
Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier
Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier
Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier
Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier
Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier

Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier

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Maternity Size


Did you know that some baby carriers are dangerous? Some have narrow seats that encourage bad positioning for your baby with prolonged use. It restrains a baby’s legs in an unhealthy position and considered a potential risk for abnormal hip development.

The Kangaroo T-shirt creates a womb-like space for your baby. It is designed for one-hand support and promotes skin to skin contact with your baby that eliminates wrapping, tying and knotting to make babywearing a breeze. It is proven to be beneficial to support the baby's posture development, promotes quality sleep, calms and easily comforts crying babies.


It is a shirt that has a cozy pouch for you to soothe your infant by swaddling them next to you. It enables you to go about your day while living a life closer to your newborn while being hands-free.

Key Features :

  • Made up of best soft high quality material
  • It can be worn in any season
  • Fashionable wearable with easy to go flexibility
  • Secure and expandable baby carrier pouch
  • Designed to promote parent-baby bonding
  • With two fabric layers it also assist you as nursing bra
  • Available for both Parents in multiple colors


• PROMOTE ACTIVE BONDING : During skin-to-skin contact, both moms and dads release hormones like oxytocin, prolactin, and endorphins. These hormones help you emotionally bond with your baby and spark intense feelings of love and protectiveness.

• PROVIDE WOMB LIKE FEEL : After all, when your baby was in the womb, she didn't need to regulate her own temperature. Since your skin is the same temperature as the womb, Baby will find it easier to adapt to her post-birth environment.

• WORKS AS NURSING BRA : Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier can become part of your everyday wardrobe by assisting you with the easy-to-use nursing bra. It features two fabric layers for extra coverage and a soft elastic band for support. The shirt covers your stomach while nursing and you don’t need to wear a separate bra underneath. The best part? You have the modesty and coverage you desire to be a confident new mom!

• STYLISH TOPS FORM : Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier can be worn in any season. The wearable fabric and fashionable design makes this tank top an easy "go-to" top for summer and works well with all the layering that will happen in spring, fall and even winter.

• BUILT FOR COMFORT: Designed with comfort and security in mind, the clothing with cross-over layers supports babies in a spread squat position (M-position or frog position) as recommended by carrying consultants and neonatologists.

• HIGH-QUALITY & SAFE MATERIALS: This Kangroo Pocket T-shirt Baby Carrier is made with quality imported fabrics adorable to baby soft skin.

• EASY-TO-USE : It goes on like a shirt – no wrapping, tying, or knotting involved – which makes putting baby in and taking the baby out a cinch. 


Great fit is important because the Soothe Shirt performs the best in supporting your baby and enabling breastfeeding when it fits well. The three steps to great fit are outlined here .

Step 1 - Take your measurements

Having someone else measure you will give you the most accurate measurement and if you’re doing it by yourself, stand in front of a mirror to improve accuracy. You will need two measurements:

Under Bust measurement - measure directly under the your breasts. The tape measure should remain horizontal and pulled tight.

Across Bust Measurement - measure around the largest part of your bust. The tape should be flat but not too snug. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, use a ribbon or string and then measure that on a rigid tape measure.

Step 2 - Find your size

Dad Size

*NOTE : Male size is smaller than normal size, it is recommended to buy a larger size


Mom Size

Step 3 - Fine tune your fit

We’re all shaped differently and our bodies all respond to pregnancy differently so your recommended size is a great starting point. The best way to ensure you have the right fit is by observing how your baby is supported in your pouch:

Fits loose - your baby’s head is below your bust

Fits tight - it’s difficult to get your baby into your pouch and the pouch doesn’t come up across baby’s back and shoulders

Just right - your baby’s head is above your breasts and close enough to kiss.


  • Material: Polyester, Rayon, Spandex, Siromicro Modal
  • Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Color (Men): Black, Gray, Army Green
  • Color (Women): Gray, Black, Blue 



Our Cause :


A big percentage of your purchase will be donated to SOS Children's Villages an organisation focused on supporting parentless and abandoned children and families at risk. It Supports every baby or child across all over the world without any racism.

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