Our Story Began After 4 years of marriage and no sign of having baby crippled our thoughts although it can’t affect our love. After consulting too many doctors and praying all Gods, finally I gave birth to a baby. However, those blissful moments didn’t long later. I was shocked to find that I deliver a stillborn baby. I had cried continuously for 7 days and went into depression and depression started eating me up from the inside out. The worst thing is to know that my husband is doing all he could, yet I still felt so clueless.

One day my husband took me to an orphanage.

We prolonged the stay and spent some days with those kids and slowly I started enjoying their world by being part of it. My Husband discovered the rejuvenated joy of blissfulness in my face and suggested to adopt a girl child, I used to forget the time when I was talking to her, but simultaneously somewhere in my heart, I felt awful for other abandoned kids when i came to know about their pathetic stories of little souls through Orphanage Founder. Out of my affection for them, I take an oath to take care of all those kids. In order to bring happiness in their boredom lives I started giving some surprise gifts for them every week. In return, they gave a beautiful smile with full of rejoicing and contentment that remind me the purpose of my life and gave me a solution for my clueless depression. But Unfortunately, within a month I realized that an ordinary housewife like me can't afford these expenses solely. 

Then I hit upon an idea to launch an online baby product store to bring back the smile of those abandoned kids and make those smiles eternal with its revenue. Finally, in 2017 I established an online Brand TINY TODDLER™ with a dedicated team of 30 professional and after a few months we build our warehouses in USA and in Europe. And Today, we're able to buy many gifts and useful products every month for those Orphan’s, and 25% of our revenue goes to the charities all over the globe, people of such charities focused on supporting orphan, abandoned kids and families at risk and they support every kid without any racism!

Tiny Toddler's objective is to bring smiles and spread happiness to those tiny charming & cute faces all over the world.

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If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to contact us at support@tiny-toddler.com

~ Marinda Balakly (FOUNDER)