When we are going to be future parents we have any doubts about what our baby will need, we ask our friends for advice, we look for information on Google or our parents tell us how they raised you when you were a baby without having to buy so many things (believe me, they were other times and the world has evolved).

We have contacted pediatricians from all over the world, and together with our team of parents, we have summarized in a TOP 5 the essentials you will need for the arrival of your baby and his first years.

1. Toddlepad™ Convenient Baby Diaper Changing Pads


There is no need to live in the past. Upgrade to our revolutionary portable changing mat. It wraps around your baby keeping their hands occupied and away from the mess while at the same time providing the portability and functionality that all parents crave. Oh and the best part? The foldable design makes it easy to set up a changing station anywhere. And we mean anywhere.

2. Toddlespoon™ Baby spoon bottle feeder

New and extremely simple way to feed your baby at home and on the go! Semi-solid foods can be tricky. You’ll need to carry a container, a couple of spoons and lots of towels to clean up spills and messes. That's why we created the Toddlespoon™. With a soft spoon attachment and an easy squeeze-bottle, mealtime on-the-go will be easy peasy! 

3. Toddlebed™ Portable Baby Bed

Shift from a known uterus environment to the unknown outside world is stressful. That is why newborn babies cry a lot. They are afraid of the unknown. Use this product to calm them down. The patented shape of this Portable Baby Bed guarantees the correct position of your baby on her/his back, and maintain longer sleep. Not only longer rest is the benefit of this unique Portable Baby Bed.

4. Toddlehug™ 6-in-1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

There are plenty of baby carriers on the market, and choosing the right one is crazy. We recommend our endorsed by the satisfaction of thousands of parents in addition to meeting all the regulations and requirements of suitable baby carriers. The Toddlehug™ distributes weight evenly throughout your lower back, shoulders and hips by utilizing a unique X-strap back support that fastens into the front hip seat.

Our carefully crafted hip seat base provides wide support so your baby's hips can rest in the healthy, doctor recommended 'M-Shape' position. Their legs are lifted and supported at hip level, not hanging or dangling like with other carriers, making for a happier more comfortable baby and a sane momma! 

5. Toddlefloater™ Baby Swimming Trainer

Toddlefloater™ is constructed with High Quality PearlFoam that is moisture proof, yet extremely breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy. Toddlefloater™ is lightweight and very portable. You can take this to the beach, the pool, the tub, etc. Great to use in a bathtub to get your baby comfortable and confident in water before entering the pool.


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We are a group of parents like you; one day, we had many doubts and did not know the essentials we needed.

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