Becoming a parent is one of the hardest tasks out there, and the first few months are undoubtedly the hardest. Your son is a stranger, and it's almost impossible not to make a mistake. It is healthy, you are in a continuous process of learning, although it is possible to avoid some of the most frequent if you know them beforehand. Here are a few.

1-We are parents. . . and human

As perfect parents do not exist, it is convenient to de-dramatize from the first minute and assume that, although a baby indeed brings with it tons of happiness, its care also entails a lot of tiredness and a radical change of habits, at least in the first months. So it is better to adapt as soon as possible to the situation by following three golden rules: prioritize, organize well, and, if the situation overwhelms us, ask for help.

2-Losing perspective

Today we have few children and quite late so that the arrival of a baby becomes a significant event. And while it is true that it is one of the most critical moments of our lives, outside of our environment, it may not have the relevance that we believe. So don't take things out of context: remember that children are born every day and that, therefore, you are neither the first nor the last.

3-Free time

Many parents think that since newborns spend so much time sleeping, they will have a lot of free time to take care of other things. Big mistake: between one shot and another there is only one minute left to do anything that is not related to the baby and the day passes, in general, in a sigh. You may have some free time, but much less than you thought, so it's better to be clear beforehand.

4-Follow the advice to the letter

Magazines, books, TV shows, friends, mother-in-law. . . everyone will bombard you with advice on pregnancy, childbirth and baby care. Instead of listening patiently and trying to do everything you've been told, be clear about what kind of parents you want to be and follow the advice of experts - make sure they are - with the same philosophy. The best: the gynaecologist and the midwife first and your pediatrician later.

5-Disencounting in couples

Law of life: the baby is going to become the center of attention at home, and not just the first few weeks or months. Parents have to give up a part of themselves to take care of their offspring and get used to the idea that they are no longer just a couple in love. But that does not mean that you have to give up the other: it is difficult, but you have to find time to talk, to tell each other how you feel, and although the first few weeks it is impossible to resume sexual life, it should not be left parked too long.

6-Worry too much

Many first-time parents spend so much time reading and worrying about all the ills that can happen to their baby that they become almost paranoid and don't let anyone or anything near them. Whenever you suspect that something is wrong with your child, don't put yourself in the worst or make unfounded assumptions, it is better to be guided by your intuition and go to the pediatrician, he will solve all your doubts.


Just enjoy the whole process and every moment with your baby!